Cut the cord order your Omni UVOX2 omni directional TV antenna today!

The redesigned and improved Omni UVOX2 is a carefully handcrafted, non-amplified, high gain, Circular Loop Crossed Elements Omnidirectional TV Antenna with the following features:

  • It receives over the air signals from any direction.
  • Improved not exposed contacts or connections
  • Unique, compact and visually appealing design.
  • Not signal amplifier needed for most locations.*
  • Very strong winds resistant.
  • 50+ miles range.*
  • Only 17 inches height.
  • It weights 12.5 ounces including its mast mount bracket.
  • Made with tough weather resistant materials.
  • Crafted using strong PVC and aluminum tubing for durability.
  • It works on the analog and digital VHF/UHF TV bands.
  • Designed with the aid of 4NEC2 antenna modeling software for PC.
  • Fully tested, optimized and guaranteed to work or your money back.
  • Competitively & affordable priced.
  • Easy installation in minutes.
  • DTV ready.

Don't be fooled by those sellers claiming 150 miles range with those cheap and fragile Chinese antennas that comes with a very unreliable rotor! Don't waste your money and time, I have evaluated them myself and wasn't satisfied with its average performance. I got tired of going outside to see if it rotated and where it was pointing then rescan for channels in that direction, so I designed my own omnidirectional TV antenna; the result was quite remarkable that I decided to manufacture it and sell it. I had made and tested different TV antenna types but the results were always average until the Omni UVOX was born.

We got excellent result in our poor signal reception area of Reading, PA 19601 which is located behind a mountain range (mount Penn) that hinders most of the signals coming from the East (90) and also from 132, 42 miles away, in Philadelphia where most of the TV transmitters are located, however, we are able to receive all but one channel (ch 12) that are expected to reach our city and the signal strength map confirms we shouldn't for this area. Additionally we have effective signal reception from the cities of Allentown (72, 30 miles); Harrisburg (280, 49 miles); Lebanon (268, 28 miles); Scranton (15, 58 miles) and York (249, 42 miles).

Additionally, we know that an inefficient matching transformer can ruin the performance of a good antenna, that is the reason why we have tested ALL commercially available indoor and outdoor matching transformers to make sure that the balun used on our Omni UVOX-2 antenna offers the lowest signal loss and best matching. We also test each one individually to ensure they work properly on the entire TV band of frequencies and double seal it to protect it against water damage before installation.

We ship Monday through Saturday within the continental USA only. Delivered within 2-9 business days depending on your location. Customers of US regions outside the continental US and Canada please contact us for a shipping cost quote.

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* The Omni UVOX antenna will perform best when installed outdoor (see FCC and TVF signal map). A signal amplifier might help to compensate signal attenuation imposed by obstructions, longer cable or the presence of adapters like splitters to improve reception for weaker signals. Estimated range based on flat and open terrain. Always follow included installation guidelines to achieve optimal result.




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