Cut the cord order your Omni UVOX2 omnidirectional TV antenna today!

The new redesigned and improved Omni UVOX2 is a carefully handcrafted, non-amplified, high gain, Circular Loop Crossed Elements Omnidirectional TV Antenna that picks up over the air TV and FM radio signals coming from any directions within 50+ miles radius from the transmitters without amplifier.*

Our multi directional outdoor DTV aerial is ideal for people who live where the signals come from different directions. For example, if you live between two cities this antenna will pick up signals from both cities, allowing you to have more HDTV programming choices. Our omni directional TV antenna is the best choice in order to pick as many channels as possible.

The UVOX2 allows us to receive off market stations located 58 miles away in Scranton, PA (ch16, ch28, ch44)! To check channels availability in your area visit: FCC or TV Fool.

Our antenna is suitable for indoor or attic installation in a non-metallic roof house or elevated apartment unit. Indoors reception is possible if the antenna is within ∼25 miles from transmitters or strong to moderate signal levels are present.

Technical Specifications:

  • Channels: 2-51(RF); 2-69 (DTV)
  • Frequency: VHF: 54-216 MHz; UHF: 470-698 MHz.
  • Max Gain: FM: 4.8 dBi; VHF: 5.9 dBi; UHF: 11.9 dBi.
  • Impedance: 75Ω
  • Range: 50+ miles.*
  • Dimension: 12" L x 17" H.
  • Weight: 12.5 ounces.

Package Content:

If you don't mind losing cable or satellite service exclusive channels, the best and cheapest option would be to install a TV antenna to watch all major networks and independent stations. They offer news, sports, movies, live shows, cartoons, theme channels and everything in between. It is specially advantageous if you are money tied.

The cost of this antenna and necessary components will pay by itself in just 1-2 months after canceling the paid TV service. With a modern TV antenna the installation cannot be easier, and you can even use the existing cables the service company installed.* If you are spending $80 a month in paid TV service, you would save $960 a year!

Coaxial cable and mast are sold separately. If your TV set has a standard analog tuner, you will need a digital converter box (sold separately) along with this antenna in order to receive digital over the air signals and watch digital programming on your analog television in the USA and many other countries that have adopted the digital format.

We ship Monday through Saturday within the continental USA only. Delivered within 2-9 business days depending on your location. Customers of US regions outside the continental US and Canada please contact us for a shipping cost quote.

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* The Omni UVOX antenna will perform best when installed outdoor (see FCC and TVF signal map). A signal amplifier might help to compensate signal attenuation imposed by obstructions, longer cable or the presence of adapters like splitters to improve reception for weaker signals. Estimated range based on flat and open terrain. Always follow included installation guidelines to achieve optimal result.




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