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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I wish to purchase an antenna but am not comfortable using paypal. May I send a check or pay by credit card?
A: We do not accept checks. PayPal is perfectly secured. We've been using them for many years without any incident. You may use your credit or debit card to securely pay through PayPal, no card info will be revealed to us.

Q: I can't seem to locate the coverage reception map feature on your website?
A: There are two links for signal reception maps on the third paragraph of this page: Description

Q: One photo shows the antenna mounted onto a camera tripod, inside a house - could I also mount it onto a piece of plastic PVC in the attic?
A: Yes, you can use a PVC pipe to mount it.

Q: I would like your recommendation on a good amplifier.
A: A signal amplifier might help to compensate signal attenuation imposed by obstructions, longer cable or the presence of adapters like splitters to improve reception for weaker signals. Also if the signal from the antenna is being fed to more than one TV set and the detectable signals in your area are weak, you might need an amplifier to distribute it throughout the house. The signal amplifier I recommend is the Winegard LNA-200. It is available on Amazon and other online stores. If its specifications are correct, the LNA-200 might be one of the best amp on the market. Less noise means less loss, with only 1 dB noise figure, it's the most efficient. My recommendation is based on people's reviews only, we haven't tested it yet. Please follow the instructions from the manufacturer for proper installation.

Q: What comes packaged with the Antenna?
A: Beside the antenna the package includes a mast mount bracket, which accepts up to 1.25" diameter pole, sales receipt and instructions are also included to show you how to properly install the antenna and other relevant information.

Q: Would you be able to install the antenna?
A: I don't do installation, but the UVOX2 is designed to be very easy to install. Basically you'll need a mast (up to 1.25" girth), some hardware to anchor it, and RG-6 coaxial cable terminated with F-connectors.

Technical Questions & Comments

Q: Just wondering how you think your antenna would do compared to Winegard 35 miler?
A: I tried to run your zip code: 71909 on the FCC website for a reception report but did not get any result for your area, it seems that you live in a fringe zone for the TV signals. The only way to know for sure how the Omni UVOX2 would perform is by installing it on site. I have received verifiable feedback from buyers saying our antenna outperformed multi-directional TV antennas such as the Winegard Sensar III, Clearstream 2V, omni Winegard Metro Star 1000, different types of RCA, omni Lava and Antop.

Q: Can this be used as a transmitting antenna, if so, max input power?
A: The tx power might be in the range of miliwatts, mainly due to the limitation of its matching transformer balun circuit components capacity, which is designed for TV/FM signal reception.

Q: What is the range of the antenna?
A: Range is a very relative parameter which is influenced by external conditions and other parameters like gain and frequency. The estimated range of 50+ miles of the Omni UVOX2 TV antenna is based on flat and open terrain.

Q: With respect to the design, may I ask why you used aluminum tubing instead of copper?
A: Although copper has better conductivity, aluminum is more malleable, lighter and does not corrode. Additionally there is not a noticeable improvement on the antenna performance when using copper.

Q: Have you ever tried a 'bigger' version?
A: The size of any antenna is determined mainly by the frequency or band of frequencies that it will be operating on. A bigger antenna does not mean higher gain or efficiency, except for a directional one, which up to a point, the number of elements (directors and reflectors) will determine its gain.

Q: Will the antenna also receive AM/FM radio frequencies?
A: FM band is located in the gap between TV ch6 & ch7, therefore our antenna should be capable of receiving FM radio signal, but not AM radio.

Q: I am wondering if your antenna will pick up low VHF as well as Hi-VHF and UHF signals.
A: Yes, the omni UVOX2 is designed to resonate on both, the VHF and UHF band. Reception of these signals will be determined mainly by the signal strength.

Q: How well does this antenna work with a pre amplifier and booster? I ask 'cause closest tv stations to me are at least 85 miles away.
A: Make sure first that the signals from those distant stations are present at your location. One way to do this is by entering you street address at FCC. Signal strength has to be detectable (~ 42 dbuV/m) or weak. If that's the case, an amplifier might help boost the signal further in order for the TV to render a watchable picture. If there are not signals present, no matter how efficient or how high the amplification rate for the amp is, it won't help.

Q: Is it necessary to ground this antenna?
A: The antenna does not need to be grounded in order to work properly. However, grounding is highly recommended to avoid damage to your equipments by static discharge and lightning. Please visit: Antenna Grounding, for more information about how to protect your TV.

Q: Could I use this for both FM for my stereo and tv broadcast?
A: In order to do this the signal coming from the antenna has to be split using an adapter commonly called RF splitter (5-900 MHz), having one input and at least two outputs (one for the TV and one for the FM receiver). You'll need to have three sections of RG-6 or similar coaxial cable, one from the antenna to the input of the splitter, one for the TV and one for the receiver. Then check what type of signal input connector your FM receiver has, if it's a F-type (same as the TV) you can connect the cable coming from the splitter's output directly, if the input connector is a contact type, a VHF/UHF/FM matching transformer (75-300 ohm ) or balun is needed.

C: Unless users of your antenna are located in an area of very strong signals from the VHF stations, I suspect it will not be a good performer and you should disclose that in your description. I am a consultant for OTA TV reception.
R: Signal strength for channels located in the VHF band does not necessarily have to be "very strong" in order for our antenna to perform well. In fact, the UVOX resonates on the entire TV frequency spectrum and has enough gain to effectively renders a picture. Testing shows that in LOS (line-of sight) our antenna was able to receive/resonate on Lo-VHF and Hi-VHF stations located 42 miles away, even for Lo-VHF RF channel 2 and 4. Lo-VHF RF channel 6 is received locally even when its signal follows a 2Edge path (moderate strength according to the FCC website), and Hi-VHF RF channel 8 following a 1Edge path (moderate strength according to the FCC website), which amazingly it's also received indoors on a 2nd floor, at ~17' from ground, through a 10" layer of a concrete wall, this station is 42 miles away also.

Q: I have a tin roof. Have you had anyone try with a metal roof?
A: A metal roof will most likely reflect the TV signal out or will keep it from penetrating to reach the antenna when it's surrounded it by this type of roof. However, some signals might still reach the antenna by reflection if strong signals are present in the area, or directly if the metal roof faces only part of the horizon, in this case you'll pick those signals in the opposite direction that the roof does not block. As far as we know, I haven't heard of any buyer trying this setting before. This applies when the antenna is installed indoors under a metal roof. I do not see any issue with reception if the UVOX2 TV antenna is installed outdoor on a mast risen over 6 feet or as high as possible above the metal roof.




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